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Do you know someone who deserves a Venus Award?

They’re called the Working Women’s Oscars and were launched in 2009 to “recognise, reward and celebrate local working women in business”. Starting life in Dorset, the Venus Awards now take place all over the country, including our lovely county of Devon, and set out to shine a light on inspirational businesswomen who play a pivotal role in local economies.

The great thing about the awards is that it recognises achievements in a variety of different areas – including Business Mother of the Year, Employer of the Year, Small Business, Green Business and Entrepreneur of the Year – and you can nominate exceptional women you know to help them get the recognition they deserve.

Jess was extremely proud to have been nominated by so many friends and clients for the Devon Venus Awards last year and hopes to repeat the experience in 2015!

To find out more or to nominate someone special, visit the website. Nominations close on 13 July.