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Marmalade of London


Beautiful handmade, natural candles made in the south west!

Fragrances available at Heavenly are:

Seville orange and Clementine

A mouth-watering, juicy orange fragrance enriched by hints of sweet Clementine.

Bergamot and soft rose

A powerful floral accord with notes of bergamot, soft rose, violet, lily, jasmine, geranium and lavender on a base of vanilla, patchouli and powdery musk.

Wild fig and amber

A wild fig fragrance with fresh green top notes, enriched by precious woods and earthy notes, resting on a warm base of amber, woods, musk, patchouli, coconut and plum.

Sandalwood, rose and cedar

A woody fragrance with dominant notes of sandalwood, leading to a floral heart of rose and geranium, all of which rest on a base of cedar wood and vanilla.

Frankincense & Myrrh

The warm, aromatic aura of the passion of Christmas with frankincense immersed in warm amber, rock rose and myrrh. These are complimented by three regal woods from the Orient: cedar, vetivert and patchouli. 

Prices: Small Candles £4.99 and Medium Candles £7.99

All our products are handmade in Great Britain by our skilled candle makers at our own wax works. Our candles are highly fragranced with fine fragrances and because they are caringly blended in small batches of 12 the fragrance lasts for the full burn time not just the first 3 hours. No artificial colours are used in any of our products.