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Lola's Apothecary


Lola’s Apothecary is a natural toiletries brand started in 2012. They aim to create indulgent yet effective beauty products that are luxurious yet affordable. Everything is lovingly handmade in Devon. They also strive to be a responsible business, supporting local and ethical suppliers.

Lola began making her own beauty fixes for her sensitive skin. Frustrated by perfume-free, everything-free cosmetics, she wanted to create a range that enables her to indulge in sensory delights while being very beneficial to her skin. Lola’s products are not only beautiful and a joy to use, they are also highly effective. Our products are generously blended with precious plant oils such as Moroccan argan and rosehip seed oils. Each gorgeous fragrance is composed of the finest pure essential oils for their aromatherapeutic benefits.

Rose & Geranium body oil £32.00

Rose & Neroli body oil £32.00

Lavender & Vanilla body oil £32.00


Rose & Geranium bath oil £20.00

Eucalyptus & Mint bath oil £20.00

Lavender & Camomile bath oil £20.00


Orange & Ginger sugar scrub £25.00

Lavender Bath Salt £30.00

Rose Chocolate bath milk £35.00