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Fliberts Bees

‎Natural and full of wholesome goodness Filberts moisturising balms, salves and polishes are all hand made using Dorset beeswax and fabulous farm-pressed oils from the South West. ABSOLUTELY NO artificial preservatives, synthetic perfumes or mineral oils make there way into these indulgent treats!

Range of lip balms, cuticle butters, hand & foot salves and a great farm hand salves.

Why Balms and Salves?

Oil-based skin care products contain no water – you don’t pay for this and you benefit from a highly concentrated product. Many water-based products, such as creams and lotions also contain artificial preservatives (eg, parabens). Check out the labels and you may find that “aqua” (water) is the first ingredient on the list.


We use natural preservatives – vitamin E, rosemary oil and tea tree oil – in all our skin care products. We do not use mineral oil, which is derived from petrolatum, in any of our products. Aside from concerns about the effect of mineral oil on the skin, we avoid this colourless and odourless product, in favour of vegetable and nut oils, with their individual colours and aromas.

Prolpolis salve

The gaffer tape of the bee world, propolis works just as hard at holding us together as it does hives. Long used by herbalists the world over and reputed for its healthy properties. We’ve combined propolis with vitamin E, honey, almond, sunflower and hemp oils for a salve perfect for cuts, grazes and broken skin. Think of it as a spot of bee magic!


Sunflower oil, beeswax, rapeseed oil, hemp oil, honey, vitamin E, propolis